Music for Dance is a collection of dance pieces that I worked on between 2017 and 2018. A different direction from my previous work. This project features heavy use of noise and electronics.

Originally released July 4th, 2016, this remastered version of "The Long Road" features improved samples and mastering. 

"The Long Road" is a classical music album that follows the outline of the hero's journey. It is the journey that all hero's take, from Odysseus to Luke Skywalker. With sweeping crescendos and epic impacts, "The Long Road" will take you on the journey of a life time. 

The album is all exclusive and has one contained narrative that is designed to be listened to in one sitting. Described as a film score without a film, "The Long Road" is revolutionary in the way that themes and motifs are repeated throughout the album. 

The album itself is seperated into the three acts of the hero's journey. The first act ( Track 1-3) depicts the hero's world, and the call to action as evil rises. The second act ( Track 4-6) shows the hero learning his/her power and facing evil for the first time. The hero fails and must choose to follow the path of righteousness or give in to the temptations of evil. The third act (Track 7-9) shows the hero overcoming their weaknesses and defeating evil. At the end of the journey, the hero returns home, victorious. 

Part of my goal for the album is to purposely make the hero and the villain ambiguous. I want whoever is listening to be able to put themselves into the narrative for the album. What ever evil or problem you are facing in your life, I want this to be your soundtrack, your inspriation to overcoming all the problems in your life. 

I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for everyone who has supported me through this process, it's been a "long road" getting this done. I could thank each and every one of you but I don't want to hit the character limit. Thank each and every one of you for your support by purchasing and enjoying this album. Every listen, share, and purchase means the world to me! 

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